Gym Universe 40kg 3 in1 dumbbell set system

GymUniverse dumbbell set, dumbbells and barbells for optimal training like a pro at home.

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3in1 dumbbell set and barbell set Pro Super Grip incl. foam cover freely combinable dumbbells!

Our latest innovation of dumbbells, which you can combine as dumbbells or simply as 2 different barbells, saves you a lot of effort and time, but above all space and storage space.

The additional extension tube is covered with an extra thick 6mm stable foam where you can combine additional exercises and have a very good pressure reduction.

The latest generation of weight plates made of cement and plastic coating, not only offer professional gyms the best performance than other weight plates, no, they have also become very popular for home training! These weight plates are made of a very hard plastic coating that is virtually cemented inside with cement! No other plastic dumbbells even come close to the quality of the cement plates! Here you can buy good quality dumbbells and barbells in combination at a very fair price!

Cement and iron weight plates are the future!


Our 3 in 1 dumbbell set saves you a lot of space and time during training, including a foam cover for the shoulder.

You can now decide for yourself whether you want to use the 3in1 dumbbells as dumbbells or as barbells.

If you need a barbell after your dumbbell exercises, you can convert the dumbbells from GymUniverse into a barbell and perform your barbell exercises with just a few grips and effort.

You save a lot of space and, above all, a lot of money with our dumbbells as a set.

Our 3in1 dumbbells are ideal for all training sessions with small and very heavy weights

With our 40kg 3in1 dumbbells from GymUniverse, you have everything you need in one set for professional dumbbell or barbell training. training.

The weight plates of the dumbbells are interchangeable and you can reduce or increase the weights yourself, depending on the weights you need for your dumbbell or barbell training.

You can train the weight plates of the dumbbells and barbells of the 3in1 dumbbell set from GymUniverse with fewer weights to warm up and then do the pump or power exercises with more weights, which are all included.

The dumbbells are therefore ideal for beginners as well as advanced dumbbell exercises and barbell exercises.


    For professional dumbbell training at home.
    Dumbbell training is one of the most efficient types of weight training and is also very suitable for health and fitness as well as rehabilitation.
    For full body training and especially strengthening the arms, chest and shoulders with a 6 mm thick foam cover.
    The use of dumbbells strengthens and shapes the muscles at the same time. Fitness strength training therefore has a health and aesthetic aspect.
    Body fat is reduced much more efficiently with dumbbell training than with cycling, swimming or jogging, for example.
    Dumbbell bars are chrome-plated and knurled
    Screw fasteners/star fasteners with rubber rings ensure that the weight plates always remain firmly and securely attached to the dumbbell bars.
    The grip points on the dumbbells are cross-knurled to prevent hands from slipping during training.
    The dumbbell bars each have two robust trapezoidal threads (for secure disc attachment)
    Weight plates in robust, floor-protecting plastic casing made of cement and iron
    8x 5kg weight plates and dumbbell set 3 in 1 (barbell & dumbbell)
    (therefore no annoying jingling/clanking of the weights)

Professional training from home or wherever you are!

Scope of delivery:

    2x dumbbell bar
    1x large connecting tube covered with 6mm thick foam - transformation into 2 different barbells.
    4x star locks with extra safety update
    8x weight plates 5kg made of cement and iron mix
    40kg total weight

The weight plates have a hole diameter of 30mm.

The barbell bars have a diameter of 25mm.

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